About Hotelzon

Why companies should use a corporate booking tool?

Hotelzon is the perfect choice for any company looking to get a tighter grip on their corporate hotel bookings. Our technology makes booking more simple for your travelers, easier to control through our extensive policy structures, and makes reporting simple and clear.

How Hotelzon differs from non-corporate hotel booking solutions?

Additionally, and unlike other hotel booking options, we don’t restrict you to just the rates we contract with hotels directly. Using our extensive range of tools to build your own business cass, go direct to your preferred hotels and load into your Hotelzon environment your own, specifically negotiated rates.

We use several different hotel providers, why should we just use Hotelzon only?

Our inventory of over 300,000 hotels gives you full scope of choice, including when it comes to price. We negotiate special ‘Zon-rates’ from our partner hotels, and you have the flexibility to upload your own agreed rates with your most commonly used hotels. Consolidating your bookings into a single platform allows for an entirely thorough approach to your reporting and buying capability

Why should travel managers use Hotelzon?

For travel managers Hotelzon combines your range of excel sheets, loose scraps of paper, and endless threads of email. It makes managing a travel policy simple and clear, removing room for error and providing clarity on reporting. Adopting a single environment to manage your hotel needs not only saves money, but also vast amounts of time and resource. In addition, you have full control over how you implement Hotelzon into your company environment, with the support from your dedicated account manager.

Do you charge extra fees for cancellations or amendments?

No, with Hotelzon there are no additional booking fees, no change fees, and no cancellation fees – though of course bear in mind the policy of the hotel you are booking with.

We make notes of everywhere we stay so we already have a lot of information at our disposal, why is Hotelzon. better than this?

Hotelzon easily combines your notes into a single place effectively, automating the entire process, reducing staffing time on management, and providing a robust structure for your hotel bookings. In addition there is certain functionality that simply cannot be replicated by excel, or pen and paper. For example – with just a few clicks you can see where all your staff are staying – across the world, ensuring that they are safe.

Implementing Hotelzon to your company

Can I try Hotelzon first?

The best thing to do is to speak to one of our Sales Managers. They will be able to answer any questions you have, and of course walk you through our demo. We make sure you fully understand the capabilities of our platform before you move ahead, as well as understanding how we will need to implement it specifically for your businesses.

I don’t understand what you mean by negotiated rates and preferred hotels?

Ok, so these are actually two different things. Our software allows you to make certain hotels as company ‘preferred’ hotels. These could be chains, or specific hotels within a city. You can also rank your hotel preferences from 1-6.

Our negotiated rates facility allows you to upload your own hotel rates to the system, giving you opportunity to go direct to a hotel and negotiate your own terms based on the usage you have. For example – if you know that the number of nights you will need in a year is particularly high for one individual hotel – then you can go to them with your business case and try to establish even better rates. You can then upload these newly agreed rates into Hotelzon for use by your company.

How long does it take to implement Hotelzon in my company?

It really depends on the level of customization you require! Once your users are set-up and your policy is in place, Hotelzon is ready to use. This can vary from literally a couple of hours, to days/weeks – depending on the complexity of your requirements. For companies with up to 50 employees and taking advantage of our already pre-loaded rates, you can be up and running within 24 hours. For larger organization with a more complex structure of policy and perhaps your own negotiated rates, this may take a little longer. This is where our experienced Account Managers come into play though – as they work with you every step off the way.

Making Hotel Payments

What payment methods can we use in Hotelzon for our hotel bookings?

There are a range of payment options you can use, from payment by credit card on check-out, to an account based invoicing process, to utilizing one of our integrated virtual credit cards systems such as eNett, AirPlus, or your bank’s virtual credit card system.

Our travelers just use their own credit card, how can we work smarter?

Take the payment responsibility out of your travelers hands. This gives them less to worry about whilst away on business, and cleans up your accounting process. The latest development in travel expense comes from suppliers such as eNett. Virtual credit cards vastly increase the security of your transactions, and reduce risks for travelers. Our hotel suppliers are well equipped to process such payments, and it ensures that the entirety of your hotel cost can be covered without your employee ever having to carry a company credit card, or claim back large expenses.

What is the best payment option to book a hotel?

There is no single payment option that works for everyone. We can help with you to assess what your needs are as a businesses, and recommend a solution from there; depending on whether you prefer to make payments in advance, on account, or by credit card.

Travel Policy

We don’t have a formal travel policy, why should we have one?

A company travel policy serves as a guide for your employees, ensuring they make decisions on their travel arrangements that follows the wishes of the company. It ensures your travel spend remains on budget, helps you better monitor your expenses and keeps you in control of your business travel needs. With over 40 years helping companies to establish and develop their travel policy, our simple structure for your first time policy helps getting set up and started quick and simple. Our brief policy survey covers things such as what you consider to be the maximum spend per night, whether your employers should be able to choose a luxury five-star hotel over a more business focused four star hotel, as well as whether breakfast should always be included. We’ll walk through who should be able to do what, and set different permission levels for your staff. Our basic, out of the box policy structure will get you up and running as quickly as possible – whilst still leaving room to continue to develop your rules as you put them into practice.

How travel policies are supported in Hotelzon?

Starting with a quick registration form and a series of questions, we can get you quickly started on building your policy. From there, our development team will work closely with you to ensure your policy and guidelines are customized to your business.

I’m afraid to let travelers book themselves and lose control

Giving control back to your employees and allowing them to self-book their hotel puts the choice back into their hands, and ultimately makes way for happier employees. Your travel policy is where you can retain control. Our policy tiers allow you to identify and segment different levels of personnel. Manages for example – should they have more flexible restrictions to other members of staff? Your policy allows you to give as much or as little flexible as you wish – and to different groups of people. We’ll work with you to make sure your policy is 100% robust, giving you full peace of mind.

Can I handle my own hotel agreements with Hotelzon?

Absolutely – and we encourage you to do so! Use our insights to approach hotels looking for your own contracted rates and better deals. We give you the tools to do this. Once you have negotiated rates with your own hotels, we can work with you to make these available to your employees. For hotels that aren’t already in our database, you can use our Extranet tool which allows you to invite your preferred hotels onto our platform.