Corporate athlete: high performance achiever

High performance, the dream of athletes and executives. Athletes and executives aren’t as different as we think: both want to give their best and get better in what they do every time. The first do it on the running track while the latter, in an office. What they have in common is that both seek to have high performance. A world-class athlete achieves high performance by training constantly, developing techniques and routines that allow him to give his best in changing and turbulent environments. An executive also operates in this type of stressful environments and is expected to have high performance, so what if he includes in his life techniques and routines world-class athletes have? That is exactly what a corporate athlete does.

Just like athletes, being a corporate athlete results from a perfect balance between four important dimensions: body, emotions, mind and spirit. When one or several of them are unaligned, the rest are directly affected and you won’t be able to achieve your best performance. Do you want to go the extra mile, beat your personal best? Here are some tips to become a corporate athlete:

Align your body first

Your body is your vehicle for everyday activities. It requires energy to work; it won’t work well unless you adopt rituals that promote the energy recovery process. Everything starts with eating breakfast every morning. When you wake up, your stomach is empty and you can’t keep your vehicle working unless you add some fuel to it. During the day remember to eat every two or three hours. There is no need for a feast or a copious lunch. Small, more frequent portions will keep your stomach full and your energy levels high throughout the day. Don’t forget to drink water constantly to keep your body hydrated. (Read more about How to stay healthy during a business trip)

Develop an exercise routine. For example, hit the gym and try to do two weight-training workouts per week. This way your muscles will get stronger. Add some aerobic exercise, like cycling or running to strengthen your most vital muscle, your heart. At the end of the day, keep in mind that your body is running out of energy. It’s time to recover. It isn’t enough to sleep seven or eight hours per night. The quality of your rest is as important as the number of hours you sleep. Maintaining consistent times for going to bed and waking up can help you to charge batteries more efficiently.

Positive attitude always

It sounds impossible to think a positive attitude can always be kept. Many times we face difficult situations that ignite negative emotions such as fear, anger or sadness. We all have those moments but if we control those negative emotions, we can avoid wasting our energy. For example, when you feel angry, the best alternative is to stop for a moment and close your eyes. Relax your body and think about what is making you angry. If somebody is irritating you, put yourself in the shoes of that person before letting the words come out of your mouth. Try to think of ways to express your thoughts and feelings in a positive manner.

Music is also a good alternative to help you to control negative emotions. Listen to your favorite songs or the ones that make you feel relaxed.

Take short breaks during the day

We all dream to be more efficient in what we do. We want to have such good time management skills that we are able to do everything that comes to our desks in the best possible way, so we can go early back home and spend time with our loved ones. Well, the secret to doing so is simpler than we thought: take short breaks during the day. It is a mistake to think that those breaks are wasted time. That “wasted time” is the time that your brain and body need to recover energy to be able to continue. When energy is recovered correctly, you will be able to focus more on what you are doing, thus you will require less time to do it.

Take 10-15 minutes breaks every 90-120 minutes in the workplace. Why don’t you eat your snacks during those breaks? Or just think about something different than work. If you can, discuss with your colleagues about your weekend or your hobbies. Meditation can be also helpful since it quiets the mind. You can also quiet your mind by spending a few minutes per day doing deep-breathing exercises.

Corporate athlete looking outside the airplane's window

Becoming a corporate athlete will bring many benefits for you. Not only benefits in the workplace but also in your personal life. People who have chosen this lifestyle agree the performance in their jobs increased and they have improved their time management skills. They can focus more on the tasks and even they have more self-control. And regarding their personal life, they have found benefits such as spending more time with their family and friends, and overall, increased levels of happiness.

The lifestyle of a corporate athlete can be the solution for a work-life balance. Are you ready to try?

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