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Top tips to get 8 hours of sleep every day during business trips

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Can’t sleep during business trips? Can’t sleep in hotels? Traveling for business frequently diminishes our energy, quickly weakens our bodies, and in the long term affects our health. Even before we arrive to our destination, we must overcome endless lines at airport security, taxi rides, hotel check-ins while often running on a fast inadequate meal or a sandwich. Fatigue will creep in by the time we get to our hotel room and try how comfortable the bed is. More than ever, we wish a good night’s sleep that will allow us to stay sharp and avoid an accidental yawn during the next day’s meeting.

We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks that will help your sleep during business trips.

Book your flights carefully

Whenever possible, choose an option that does not alter your sleeping patters. A very early flight or a late night flight could provoke fatigue difficult to fight.

Pack for sleep

New noises, curtains that let light in, different furniture. A hotel room is an unfamiliar environment for our mind and body. It does not feel like home. This novelty can make our body stay alert, keeping us awake. Take with you earplugs and a sleep mask to facilitate sleep during business trips.


Choose an adequate room

Don’t hesitate to get picky at the hotel. Ask for a quite room that does not face the street and is away from elevators.

Unplug and relax before bedtime

No phones, please! Checking your email or social networks will keep your brain working. Plus, the blue light caused by electronic can mess with your sleep. Avoid using your phone 20 minutes before sleep.


Try a white noise app

This might not work for everyone, but it might want to give it a try. Calm your mind and fall asleep while listening to the noise of pouring rain, crashing waves, crackling fire or other ambient sounds.

Plan out the next day

Choose your clothes, make a to-do list, check directions. When your game plan for tomorrow is clear, not only you will you enjoy a less stressful, but also your brain will be more relaxed at night.

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