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Business trip to Madrid: What you need to know

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After the financial crisis and the few recession years that followed, Madrid is now making a comeback as an energetic business hub. Inexpensive, welcoming and with plenty of sunny days, taking a business trip to Madrid is becoming ever more popular, and often becomes a favorite destination. Major companies are headquartered in the Spanish capital and the city hosts many international trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses throughout the year. With more and more of us taking a business trip to Madrid, total business travel spend in Spain is now over $20 billion per annum – increasing by +5% each year, with Madrid at the forefront.

With different norms, traditions and schedules, many people taking a business trip to Madrid find it to be a peculiar, yet inspiring, place to work. Discover why taking a business trip to Madrid is a different experience.

Six reasons that make a business trip to Madrid something different

Business trip to Madrid

Be ready for a late lunch

It’s common knowledge that Spanish people eat late in the afternoon. Lunch rarely starts before 2pm and can last until four. However, to get you through the extended morning, you don’t need to overdo breakfast. Many locals take a break around noon and have a light snack for a quick energy boost.

Non-traditional 9 to 5

Siesta is a luxury in Madrid and, even though most of the people will not nap in the middle of the day, offices and business are likely to close down for an extended lunch break, meaning offices can easily remain active until seven in the evening. Long lunch breaks are, however, a very good opportunity for a business meeting over a fine meal.

Plenty of hotels, affordable rates

Compared to many other European capitals, taking a business trip to Madrid can be affordable. The city has plenty of hotels suitable for business travelers (including nearly 30 five-star hotels) and prices are cheaper than in many other capitals. With an increasing occupancy rate slightly above 70%, the average daily rate in Madrid will stand at the 100 euros mark in 2017.

No mañana, mañana… Do today

Spaniards are famous for being masterful procrastinators, but that’s no more than an unrealistic stereotype. In a business setting, it is polite to be on time!

Tapas in Madrid

Got tapas?

Madrid is a vibrant city with plenty of entertainment options once you’re off the clock, making it ideal when it comes to mixing business and leisure. From word-class museums and rich culture to lively nightlife and full-flavored gastronomy. With dinnertime running until midnight, there’s no shortage of bars to taste local cuisine and sample traditional tapas, of course. The trendy district of Malasaña is the place to go for modern restaurants and late night drinks.

Escape to the seaside

For many madrileños, it is a painful reality being far away from the coast, in a country mostly surrounded by sea. However, nowadays, a high speed train connection will take you to Valencia and sunny Mediterranean beaches in less than two hours. Madrid is not by the sea, but you might still want to pack your bathing suit!

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