Whitepaper - Blockchain in the travel industry

White Paper: Blockchain in the travel industry

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Blockchain is much more than the latest buzzword in the Internet. Exciting and revolutionary, but often misunderstood, the technology has the potential to radically break the rules of how goods and services are exchanged on the Internet.

The digital currency Bitcoin is the most popular application of the nascent technology. Banking and financial services will see the impact of blockchain in the coming years, but many other industries will jump on the bandwagon.

The travel industry is a prime candidate for blockchain applications. Extended traveler profiles based on biometric data, universal loyalty programs, safer payments…. Blockchain will greatly influnce how we travel. Only now, we’re starting to understand the potential of blockchain in the travel industry.

But what exactly is blockchain and how will it transform the travel industry? Learn more about blockchain in the travel industry by downloading the white paper.

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