How travel policy boosts your productivity
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How travel policy compliance boosts your productivity

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As traveling employees, we tend not to worry much about how expensive our business trip is. After all, the company pays, right? So, why not add some extra comfort to your trip at the company’s expense? Often, it’s easy to bend the rules and make travel plans without considering the company policy.

Policies are boring, we hear you. But corporate travel policies are also important. A robust policy helps the company control costs and increase its buying power by negotiating lower rates for higher booking volumes. Travelers, however, often perceive company guidelines as a cumbersome, bureaucratic process that do not meet the travelers’ needs. Therefore, it is not uncommon for travelers and bookers to go outside their company’s preferred suppliers and rely on consumer-centric booking tools to make their own travel plans.

As a booker, when you step outside travel policy, you might spend a considerable amount of time searching for the right hotel, comparing prices to stay in budget. Or, you might have to collect invoices and fill out a good deal of reimbursement forms upon your return to the office.

The fact is that in many occasions booking within policy can help you be more productive in your travel preparations. Let us show you how.

Planning your trip will save you some time. Recommended corporate booking tools and providers, like Hotelzon, are designed to safeguard your organization’s guidelines, prioritizing hotels and rates.  This means that when you search for a hotel, you will find hotels that comply with company policy.  You will save time comparing rates, making sure your choice stays in budget.

Tested and tried hotel choices. Probably many of your colleagues have traveled to the same destinations before you, so why to repeat their mistakes? Travel Manages take into consideration these experiences and feed the feedback into company guidelines, making it easier to avoid inadequate hotels. Staying within policy can, for example, prevent you from booking hotels that require a long commute.

Faster checkouts. A managed travel program often includes carefully negotiated discounts at preferred hotels. Not only rates may be cheaper, but hotel programs can include account-based payment options, so travelers do not need to settle their bills when they leave the hotel, enjoying faster checkouts and being able to focus on business.

Win the compliance game. Certain companies give their business travelers tangible rewards for complying with travel policies. This may also turn into a company-wide game in which compliant travelers score points, receive badges and advance to higher levels.

Forget your wallet.  What does it happen when you inadvertently overspend during a business trip? Knowing your company’s rules and following travel policy can save you quite some time and avoid a few headaches when you need to settle your expenses. Travel booking and expense reimbursement will be much easier.

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