7 business hotel hacks to maximize your stay
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7 business hotel hacks you need to know to maximize your stay

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Your business hotel can feel cold and impersonal. After all, they’re just a place to crash after a busy day of work. Even luxury hotels may feel like…well, just a hotel. Some business hotels may be hip, cutting edge, or just a bit fancy, but there’s no place like home.

Either way, business travel gives you opportunity to escape your routine, so why not to make the most of it and maximize your hotel stay? We’ve listed a few tricks and hacks that can help you feel at home next time you stay at a business hotel.

Tips to make your business hotel feel like home

Early arrival? Room not ready?

Many business hotels have gyms and pools. If you have a couple of hours to kill before check-in, you might consider squeezing in a work out. Pick a hotel based on these amenities if you know you’ll arrive early.

Keep the power on with a spare card

Many hotels use energy-saving systems, requiring you to stick your room key card into the slot by the door to turn on the lights and power. This means when you’re out, there’s no power to charge your devices and no air conditioning. Override this by inserting an old credit card or membership card.

Binge watch your favorite show just like home

No bigger than a hockey puck, a Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV device is the easiest way to beat business hotel boredom. If your hotel has Wi-Fi and the TV has an HDMI input, plug one of these gadgets to stream your favorite show to the hotel TV from your computer or phone.

Get a good work-out right in your hotel room

No gym in the business hotel of your choice? No worries.  There are plenty of quick workouts you can do anywhere. Also in your hotel room. The average room of a business hotel affords plenty of space to do squats, push-ups or a series of yoga exercises. Stash a couple of resistance bands in your suitcase to add variety to your workout.

Clip your curtains together with a hanger

A flight attendant with 15 years of experience reveals the secret to guarantee a pitch dark room with this simple hotel hack: “Use the clips on the pants hangers in the hotel room to clip your curtains together so there is no light coming through.” Via Business Insider.

Business hotel hacks to maximize your stay

Use the iron board as a standing desk

Sitting too long is bad. Plus, hotel desks are not exactly ergonomic workstations. If you’re planning to work in your hotel room for a long period, it’s a good idea to stand once in a while. Try to use the iron board as a standing desk.

Towel heaters are clothes dryers

So, you spilled some coffee on your shirt and need to do some hand-washing? The towel heaters in the bathroom can double as a clothes dryers.

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