Personalization in business travel

Beyond personalization: letting your employees choose how they travel

A business trip is no longer just about going where the boss says. Instead, personalization is the latest buzzword in corporate travel. Business travelers are increasingly seeking a more customized travel experience that takes into account their unique preferences and lifestyles.

Driven by technology, there has been a deep shift happening in the world of corporate travel. Travel Managers are directing their attention on travel satisfaction, whilst big data allows apps and booking tool to plan custom made trips according to individual preferences, and even make predictions about where to go next. But what about going a step beyond and give employees complete freedom to plan their own travel? They could consider staying longer and work remotely, or perhaps return from a different city after a weekend gateway

The idea of giving travelers a blank check to plan a business trip could sound unreasonable. However, flexibility in travel arrangements can also turn into an important tool to make jobs with frequent travel demands more attractive. Particularly, in summer. As the holiday seasons approaches, there’s a natural “school’s out feel” and a pull to slowing down and enjoying outdoors activities, instead of binge watching under a blanket.

Most businesses do not close for the summer, and it’s precisely during this season when a custom-made travel experience and bleisure opportunities can make business travel more enjoyable and lead a healthy work-life balance.

Travelers are not the only ones to benefit most from more flexible travel arrangements. Human resource leaders can find an aide with recruiting and retaining efforts, boosting the company’s employee value proposition.

Focus on work-life balance

The world of work has seen an incredible shift in priorities. One that gives more important to a healthy work-life balance than ever. The benefits are tremendous: increased productivity, greater employee loyalty, reduced staff turnover and improvements in employee health and well-being. In today’s workplace, flexibility equals happy and productive employees.

As a result, remote work has gained relevance as an option to balance work with personal. Occasionally working from exotic, distant locations is becoming more and more the norm.

When companies begin promoting flexible business travel arrangements, employees

Boost the company’s employee value proposition

Providing employees with some flexibility and freedom to make their own travel arrangements is seen as a perk companies can offer to attract top talent. For many professionals, too many business trips, or a very strict travel policy can be a deal breaker. Frequent travel is taxing, physically and mentally draining, plus many would rather not be many days away from home and family.

Tailored-made travel has the potential of making work assignments more attractive, increasing the company’s employee value proposition.

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