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How to stay healthy during a business trip

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Business trips can be fun. We get the chance to visit different destinations, meet new people and if the schedule allows it, enjoy some leisure time. But as we have an excuse to get out of our regular office, we may also leave behind our healthy habits and quickly derail an active lifestyle. In addition to a hectic and stressful schedule, it is very easy to indulge in a business meal, skip a workout or make poor food choices like airport snacks.

When going on business, your health should not suffer. The good news is that it is easier than you think to stay on track. All that it takes is a little bit of advanced planning and a few careful choices.

Here are our top tips to maintain your healthy habits and feeling great while you’re on the go.

Avoid snacks – Look for real food at airports

With fast-food restaurants, vending machines, and cafes with mouth-watering pastry and cakes on display, airports are a threat for a healthy diet. Reserve some time to sit down for a proper meal. If you won’t have much waiting time at the airport, why don’t you pack your own snacks?

Pack your workout clothes

Even with a busy schedule and a tightly packed agenda, it might be possible to squeeze 20 minutes for a workout. Choose a hotel with a gym for convenience. If you prefer to exercise outdoors, running is always a fun way to discover a new city. Why don’t you book your hotel near a good running path?

Three business travelers outdoors practicing one of the healthy habits during the trip, exercising

Don’t overdo breakfast

We all love a copious hotel breakfast. When traveling, we might feel entitled to a weekday brunch. Usually, there’s plenty of choices, so it is very easy to serve ourselves a full-blown English breakfast, followed by some tasty Danish pastry. However, do not forget hotels also offer healthier alternatives. To keep your healthy habits, skip the fried foods and fill your plate with hard-boiled eggs, whole-wheat bread, fruit, and yogurt for a balance of protein, carbs, and fats.

Restrain yourself at the business dinner

Travelers are often compelled to attend business events that usually include unhealthy food and alcohol. Hold back when you find yourself face to face with an open bar. Talk business instead and focus on networking, not on drinking and eating.

Walk whenever you can

If your travel includes an expense account, it is tempting to call a taxi, even for very short rides. Whenever it is possible, take a walk to your next meeting. Many times it is shorter than you think. When you book your hotel, check the map and choose one that it’s within walking distance of your office or conference location.

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