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Transform the hotel booking experience and reduce hotel spend

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People now spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones. And with 70% of web traffic now happening on mobile, it’s safe to say it’s not just tech-savvy millennials either. But what does this mean for your employees’ hotel booking experience?

They know there’s something better

Manual, paper-based tools have become an employee repellent, provoking businesses worldwide – across every industry – to rethink how they keep their people engaged.

Today’s travelers expect fast, automated and mobile-friendly tools for hotel booking. And they know these tools exist because they use them all the time for personal travel. So, shouldn’t they get to use them for business travel too?

How to meet expectations

Many business travelers are loyal to the apps and tools they use in their daily lives which could be down to the fact that they provide the best user experience. These hotel booking apps are the kind that let them define and personalize their hotel options, track their travel history, and log-in anytime, anywhere – from any device.

When booking a hotel room on a leisure travel site, travelers are free to choose one at the exact location they want to travel to. Given that 42% of UK business travelers book out-of-policy because they can’t find a hotel close enough to their meeting or conference, it’s clear that too few companies offer a relevant, satisfactory hotel booking experience.

The solution? Take advantage of smart, connected technology to offer employees greater control over how and when they book hotels. And whether that booking journey begins and ends on a mobile device or desktop – the experience should be seamless between the two.

Where’s the opportunity?

Internal perceptions of Corporate travel management as a digital dinosaur must change. To achieve this, travel managers must become bold, vocal advocates for digital tools – and take action.

This means automating and streamlining your existing hotel booking processes, saving valuable time better spent refining the traveler experience, managing more complex travel queries, identifying opportunities to save on costs, and improving traveler compliance.

Underpinning this change is a connected hotel booking tool, helping you to:

    • Simplify hotel bookings with fast, definable searches – anytime, anywhere
    • Deliver greater hotel choice – from global chains to independent properties
    • Monitor traveler locations to help fulfill Duty of Care requirements
    • Benchmark travel data to inform continuous policy improvements

If you’re concerned that the CFO might object, give them some much needed peace-of-mind by informing them that tools like this can reduce hotel spend by as much as 20% by:

    • Guiding travelers to the right hotels through custom search results, including the flagging of preferred rooms and rates
    • Setting booking restrictions based on price, star rating, and other defining preferences such as location or time of the week

Entice your team

As we explored in our blog How to encourage hotel booking compliance, regular training, seminars, and briefings are an ideal platform to help you to win people over, show them what they can achieve with your Corporate Booking Tool (CBT), and reinforce the benefits of collective compliance.

If everybody complies, their experiences will only get better as you gain more insights, refine your policy, and achieve the critical booking volume needed to negotiate even better rates.

Articulating this to your team needn’t be a chore. For example, why not draw parallels to the retail loyalty cards they’re familiar with in their personal lives? If used regularly, they amass more points and earn new and better perks.

If they share a loyalty card with their partner, family or friends, naturally they’re going to want everyone to keep using it as often as possible to unlock rewards. The same approach works here – if everybody stays within policy and uses your CBT, you all win.

An online booking tool for the mobile age

But which hotel booking tool is right for you?

Travelport Hotelzon is a centralized, easy-to-use CBT designed to mimic the intuitive, mobile-friendly apps your travelers know and love, offering:

    • Over 400,000 hotels available at the tap of a button
    • Saved user preferences and definable hotel searches
    • Bespoke and automated policy controls and reports
    • Complete visibilty of traveler location and hotel spend

It’s time to deliver the hotel booking experiences your people expect, gain the insights you need to continuously improve your travel policy, fulfill Duty of Care requirements, and save up to 20% on hotel spend while doing it.

To learn more about how digital transformation can help you deliver a smarter, simpler hotel booking experience, download the Travel Manager’s Guide to digital transformation for hotel booking.

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