Discover how Metso saved €30,000 with Travelport Hotelzon

A truly global company

With over 13,000 professionals operating in more than 50 countries, Finnish industrial machinery company Metso needed a dedicated corporate booking tool (CBT) for truly global use – both internally and externally. Metso also recognized that the simpler the hotel booking process, the easier it is to promote compliance and provide a safe, satisfactory hotel experience for its travelers.

“For more than 10 years, Hotelzon has made it easier to manage and deploy our travel policy while keeping our travelers safe, satisfied and booking within the policy budget.”

– Virpi Vilen, Global Travel Manager

Client - Virpi Vilen, Global Travel Manager

Greater choice, bigger savings

For Metso, the choice of over 400,000 hotels available for booking within 60 seconds made Hotelzon hugely appealing. And now after more than 10 years in use, Metso is achieving its best hotel booking results yet. Recent milestones include year-on-year savings of €30,000 in hotel bookings*, and a 47% hike in preferred hotel bookings year-on-year.

“Even after more than a decade of use, the results keep on getting better. In fact, despite the alternative channels still available, bookings through Hotelzon are now at an all-time-high.”

*against the benchmark hotel rates in the Hotelzon tool

The ideal solution for a global workforce

An easy to implement and seamless solution was of paramount importance to Metso. With over 13,000 employees to keep happy and safe when traveling, the right corporate booking tool needed to track global traveler profiles, and centralize reports from multiple sources.

“Getting started was painless. Setting up our hotel preferences in the tool was so simple, plus Hotelzon reviewed our hotel program and helped us build our global policy.”

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Devices mock-up - corporate booking tool map

A smarter way to drive booking compliance

Metso can prioritize and set hotel booking boundaries within the Hotelzon tool, which makes encouraging compliant bookings easier than ever before. And thanks to the proactive use of data, if any of the travel manager’s loaded rates appear missing in the tool, they will always know about it.

“When travelers select a destination in Hotelzon, the results are simplified to show only our most preferred hotel. If the user clicks ‘next’, they’ll see other preferred hotels in that area. Click ‘next’ again, and only then will they see the hotels we’d rather they avoid.”

Advanced mobile bookings made simple

Metso’s travelers also appreciate the way the Hotelzon mobile app mimics the smart, mobile-friendly hotel booking tools they’re familiar with in their personal lives, including the ability to save their preferences, manage reservations, and check-in from anywhere at anytime on both iOS and Android devices.

“The Hotelzon mobile app is so easy for our travelers to use.”

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A bright future ahead for Metso

From ease of use and simple integration, to its mobile-friendly user interface – Metso is more than confident that its proactive partnership with Hotelzon will continue long into the future.

“Hotelzon is a hugely important part of our ongoing corporate travel strategy. And if our current savings are anything to go by, the next financial year will be even better.”

Make real savings for your business with Hotelzon

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