Simpler and more efficient – pay all your company’s hotel stays with one monthly invoice

Fully automated end-to-end process

Make business travel even easier for your employees in order to help increase adoption and travel policy compliance.

hotelzon payment solutionsJust one monthly invoice

Increase the efficiency of your financial processes with one monthly itemized invoice, including all your hotel costs and tax breakdown.

Simplify the entire payment process

Let us help you handle the entire process from guaranteeing the booking to facilitating check-in, settlement and check-out – and simply get all the costs invoiced per month. Your travelers don’t need to worry about payment at all.

Unlock a better travel experience

Your travellers don’t have to pay with their credit card and expense hotel stays, and they don’t have to collect receipts. Not having to pay and expense hotel stays is frequently mentioned by travellers as an important reason to use the company’s designated booking channels.

Let your travellers enjoy faster check-out and less administration – you save on process costs, and your travellers can just focus on business.