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6 steps to get started with Hotelzon

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Not all companies are able to prioritize time to focus on the finer processes and practicalities. And, fairly often, business travel is one of those areas that gets put to the bottom of the list. We get it. Managing travel is not a core activity, and there’s simply not enough time for it. After all, your staff are reaching their destination and trips are being completed. So why to make a big deal about it?

Well… the way your company travels does matter. You wouldn’t let everyone in your company file your tax return or apply for patents, would you? So, why to do it with your travel arrangements?

When it comes to business travel, accommodation is the most personal choice. But it’s also becoming the greatest expense, excluding the time spent searching through endless websites.

To control costs, you must keep track of the hotels and rates your team book. All, of course, whilst trying to make the booking and travel experience pleasant. As a company you also don’t want to take the risk that travelers may book a hotel far from corporate locations, being forced to commute for longer. To avoid these problems, a corporate hotel booking tool that offers the best rates, and a travel policy implementation to control choice, seems a good idea. It all starts to make sense, right?

Let us show you how easy it is to get started with Hotelzon. A better travel experience and savings are easier than you think.

Let’s start with a demo

Do you want to see how Hotelzon works and how much you can improve your internal hotel booking process with ease? Hit the Demo button in the right top corner of the screen and schedule a demo. One of our experts will contact you very soon and walk you through our extensive suite of features.

Get onboard

You saw the demo and signed up. Welcome to Hotelzon! We’re happy to have you on board. Next, our dedicated Account Management team will make sure Hotelzon is ready for your company. We’ll help you create user profiles, add your company locations and upload your negotiated rates.

Define your travel policy settings

It’s easier to comply with a transparent and simple travel policy. Hotelzon will help you guide your team to the right hotels, show your preferred hotels first and flag preferred rates with your own logo.

Communicate within your company

Your travel program will be more effective when your whole team is using the same tool. Inform everyone that Hotelzon is your new hotel booking tool and stop using countless websites for your bookings. Yes, we know communicating change might be difficult, so here are a few tips (link to post).

Download the Hotelzon app

Is your colleague stuck in a conference room, but needs to add another hotel night? That can easily be done with the Hotelzon mobile app. We have an incredibly handy app that allows you to book hotels, and amend or cancel reservations on the go, from your smartphone or table.

Check out the reports

Thanks to a complete suite of reporting options, Hotelzon gives complete visibility on your bookings, allowing you to review volumes and analyze hotel spend.

So, what are you waiting for! Request a demo here.