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Every day, over 500,000 travelers worldwide trust Hotelzon for their business hotel reservations. Some prefer the tool’s large selection of hotels, others need extended reporting features to have complete visibility of their hotel spend. Or simply for some travelers, Hotelzon is a rock-solid, easy to use tool to book business hotels and find the best rates.

Hotelzon is a flexible solution that easily serves customers from any industry or company size. From manufacturers and constructors to logistics and telecommunications companies, we help our clients find a place to stay, wherever they do business.

Think of Tony, the CEO of a trucking business. He commands a fleet of dozens of vehicles and drivers who spend several days on the road every week. As a result, this amounts to many hotel nights a year, but Tony doesn’t want the burden of the personnel associated with the role of booking hotels for his drivers. He wants to give them the freedom and choice to book on the move in a place where they feel comfortable. More importantly, with over 300,000 hotels available, Hotelzon’s simple and easy booking allows anyone to make their own hotel reservations in less than one minute while respecting company guidelines.

It’s a different case for Fiona, She’s the Head of Procurement for a global electronics company and international travel is a priority for her team who must secure the best rates and implement the company’s travel policy. Hotelzon provides Fiona’s team with reports to compare costs trends and review booking volumes. Such detailed data is a valued help to optimize spending and negotiate the right deal with suppliers.

What our customers say

From small-sized companies booking locally to global corporations traveling the world, Hotelzon’s top clients search and prioritize hotels, highlight rates, and use insights and data to produce meaningful reports to save time and money on their business travel. This is the case of DEKRA Industrial Ltd, an independent testing company based in Finland.

The company performs safety tests, building surveys, motor vehicle testing, damage reports and other tests and assessments for the manufacturing industry. All this work requires plenty of travel and visits to client’s worksites. Before discovering Hotelzon, DEKRA employees spent considerable amounts of time comparing hotel rates in various booking channels. Overall, it was a disappointing experience that did not facilitate travel policy adoption.

Looking for a new partner in 2014, DEKRA chose Hotelzon as its primary hotel booking channel due to its ease of use, time and cost savings benefits and sophisticated management reporting. Enter Hotelzon, DEKRA staff can today count on always finding the best available rate in one channel.

But don’t take our word for it, hear it from the clients themselves. Executive Secretary Katja Angelis supports DEKRA managers and the rest of the company with travel arrangement. “In addition to our own negotiated rates, Hotelzon provides access to negotiated rates for different hotel chains, and this has driven significant cost savings”.

“Hotelzon’s real time reporting is excellent as it enables me to demonstrate cost savings and potential savings to our management team. Among other system features that support our travel management policy, we have tailored a work id field into the Hotelzon booking tool to define specific work projects. This feature facilitates the billing work significantly, as the costs are easily allocated to the right work projects. In the long run, concentrating all bookings into one channel gives us a significant advantage for the future hotel rate negotiations with the hotel chains, which again increases the overall amount of cost savings”.

“Particularly commendable was the implementation and management of the bookings tools. All from our customization requests to tailor the booking tool to meet DEKRA International Ltd.’s travel management policy to creating and importing all our corporate user profiles into the system, were executed in a very short time period. Hotelzon’s teamwork was outstanding and we are very pleased with our choice of a hotel booking technology provider partner”.