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These 4 travel startups are shaping the future of the travel industry

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From mobile boarding passes to maps and flight tracking tools, apps have revolutionized the way we travel. Less than a decade ago we would not have thought of using our phones as a hotel room key, but that’s already yesterday’s news. Disruptive innovation does not stop there and the next generation of travel startups are creating cutting-edge apps and services to improve our travel experience.

Many startups are still born in a garage, but global businesses such as Microsoft, Citibank and Disney have also established their own startup accelerator programs to boost innovation. Within the travel industry, in 2015 Travelport began Travelport Labs Accelerator to help travel-related technology companies get the best possible start on their idea.

The next four travel startups have participated in the Travelport Labs Accelerator. After taking a closer look, you’ll want to get your hands on their products.

Cape cape-plane-icon

Launching in March 2017, Cape is a distribution platform for last-minute standby airline tickets. This type of tickets, and the significant discounts associated with them, is currently being enjoyed only by airline employees and their dependents. Cape plans to open these affordable tickets to the public and encourage people who would otherwise not travel due to the cost to go ahead and do so. In return, airlines can gain a new market segment.

Tagible tagible-plane-icon

Tagible wants to help travel companies increase their bookings by inspiring their customers to take action with rich content. With a single line of code and a few keywords, Tagible can display photos, videos and 360 views of hotels, destinations, tours and activities. This inspirational content will enable companies to drive engagement and conversion.

Wolo wolo-triangle-icon

Most of us have plenty of travel destinations on our bucket list, but do you know who else is itching to visit that remote island in the Pacific? Wolo is an online community that connects people based on common passions and aspirations via digital bucket lists. Users are then able to find travel advice and plan new experiences with their like-minded Wolo connections.

Agent Avery

Agent Avery enables hotels to offer a highly personalized experience with a messaging tool that connects hotel staff with their guests. Using Agent Avery, hotels can be available at their guests’ fingertips and attend their requests at just the right moment.