Business dinner in Tallinn: Where to go

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Tallinn’s population stands at just over 430,000, but the city is surely not short of restaurants, top chefs and fine dining options. From traditional Estonia flavors to contemporary vegetarian dishes, the city enjoys a vibrant culinary scene, ready to host the most refined business dinner.

Estonian leading chefs are turning their attention to fresh local produce, working directly with local farmers and drawing inspiration from the forest and the Baltic sea. They are combining traditional flavors in unexpected ways in what can be called “new Nordic” cuisine.

In addition to a foodie paradise, the small Estonian capital is also a growing business hub. Technology-oriented and champion of a pioneering e-residency program, the country is attracting startups and venture capital firms are taking notice. Therefore, food and business go hand in hand in Tallinn.

If you’re looking for a place to organize a business dinner, look no further. We’ve selected some of the Tallinn’s top restaurants where a full course dinner won’t cost an arm and leg.

Where to organize a business dinner in Tallinn?


Noa restaurant in Tallinn

On the outskirts of town, Noa is a stunning seaside restaurant constructed of wood, steel and glass in a perfect example of Nordic architecture. In its kitchen, Noa’s chefs experiment with global flavors whether that’s surf & turf salad or chicken masala. Additionally, for an elegant fine dining experience, the Head Chef’s Hall -a kind of restaurant within the restaurant, offers a 12-course omnivore tasting menu, which includes asparagus, lamb, black angus beef and squid.

Restaurant Ö

Ö is a letter in the Estonian alphabet, but also means “island” in Swedish. This represents well the restaurant’s philosophy as the heads chefs’ main reference is Nordic nature, from the dark forest to the cold and grey Baltic sea. A seven-course tasting menu, based on local and Nordic ingredients, includes pike perch, lam and fermented birch sap cake.

Vegan Restoran V

It is easy to find vegetarian dishes in Tallinn. Since 2014 Restaurant V is all about vegan food, and it does it at very affordable prices. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you’ll enjoy delicious mains such as kale lentil pie or spicy oven-baked seitan tacos. This cozy little room is easily found in the old town next to Von Krahl theater, right in the heart of the old town.

Leib Restoran

Leib Restaurant in Tallinn

Located in a courtyard beneath the medieval walls of the old town, Leib focuses on down-to-Earth Estonian food and local produce. Lot of fish in the menu, which includes a variety of fresh wild and organic dishes, and house-fermented rowanberry and chokeberry schnapps. Plus, plenty of delicious freshly baked black bread because Leib means exact that, ‘black bread’ in Estonian.

Art Priori

At Art Priori art is food and food is art. Paintings from the past and contemporary Estonian painters hang from the walls of the restaurant’s three dining halls. With a preference for vegetarian dishes, food experiences follow the latest Nordic trends with a touch an Asian influence. An open fire grill finishes many of the artistic dishes.

Any of these restaurants is fantastic option for a business dinner in Tallinn, giving you a taste (pun intended) of contemporary Estonian cuisine.