Cracking the problem of hotel payment

Hotel payment is the most tedious part of a business trip. Before we travel, we need to choose a payment method to confirm the room reservation. This is usually a credit card. Next, when we check in at the hotel, we swipe our card again and may be charged with a deposit on the room. Finally, once our stay is over, we settle our bill at checkout by paying with the same credit card or some other payment method. In the era of smart devices, we can pay our groceries with the flick of the wrist. So, why is it that we still rely on decades-old technology to settle our bills when staying at a hotel?

When it comes to corporate travel, hotel payments get even more complicated. There are travel policy rules to follow. Plus, invoices to collect and file. Does the company pay the traveler in advance or does the travelers need to put money from his own pocket before they are reimbursed?

The hotel payment pain point

For companies with large travel demands, payment and invoice consolidations can easily become an administrative nightmare. Hotel payment is not a straightforward business. From 30-day invoices to personal credit cards, hotels are being paid in different ways depending on the person booking it. Travel managers are well aware of this problem as they spend much of their time collecting hotel invoices, processing expense claims and filing documents.

At Travelport Hotelzon, we estimate the administration associated with a single hotel booking consumes up to 24 minutes of time. Book-keeping and payment duties steer travel managers away from their core job: going out and negotiating better deals.

Unlocking a better travel experience

Improving the traveler experience ranks high in the list of priorities of modern corporate programs. This way, providing a solution to the hotel payment problem can take a weight off the traveler’s shoulders without increasing the travel budget. What could be simpler than eliminating the hotel payment step?

At Hotelzon, we’ve developed a fully integrated payment solution to help our customers streamline their hotel payment flow and reduce costs of processing invoices for every booking made, whilst improving the travel experience. The idea is simple: an account-based payment option that will seamlessly integrate into Hotelzon’s booking portal and handle the entire process from guaranteeing the booking to facilitating check-in, settlement and check-out. Travelers and bookers are able to settle the hotel payment issue at the time of booking and forget about carrying credit cards or collecting receipts. Travelers will enjoy faster check-outs and just focus on business.

Simpler hotel payments: one invoice, one payment

Hotelzon’s payment and invoice consolidation solution is designed to help companies reduce the amount of invoices and hotel payments. Instead of processing one invoice for each hotel reservation -which can total to a large number of hours per year, Hotelzon customers that opt for this payment method only have one monthly payment to make.

With this new process in place hotel reservations become guaranteed by virtual credit card automatically. Securely sent and receipt confirmed by the hotel, there’s no payment required for travelers on check-out.

At the end of the month customers receive an itemized invoice detailing all the company’s hotel stays, along with a breakdown of taxes, charges and additional purchases. Then, there’s just a single payment to make!

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