How wearable devices will become essential for business travelers

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Even tech fanatics have a difficult relationship with wearable devices. The gadgets and their futuristic qualities attract the biggest share of hype and buzz, but when it comes to wearing and using them, adoption is still relatively small and slow. The Google Glass project was shelved; even though it is back in the workplace. The aesthetics of Apple’s wireless earbuds are questionable and bring unwanted attention, and it’s hard to imagine anyone wearing a Samsung’s smart suit to a serious meeting; not yet at least.

But whether you love them or think they look silly, wearable devices are poised to go mainstream. In 2016 over 100 million of these devices were shipped, driven by the sales of smartwatches and fitness trackers. When it comes to life on the road, wearables have the potential to redefine the travel experience, and corporate travel in particular is a prime candidate to benefit from this technology.

Business travelers are keen to be permanently connected and have the ability to take action on the go. Many of them are not afraid of the technology and are eager early adopters of wearable devices. From translation devices to health trackers, a good amount of gadgets are transforming the way we travel for work.

Noise-cancelling earplugs 

The main feature of earphones is to hear sound, right? Think twice. A brand new class of earplugs produces phase-shifted sound that cancels out white noise on a plane to create silence. Business travelers looking to get some work done while traveling will love these.

Translation devices to conduct international business

The idea is not new, but the solution is closer to reality than ever. Imagine wearing a small earpiece that provides real-time translation, allowing two people speak different languages and understand each other. At the moment, it translates five different languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, along with English) and more will be available soon.

Earpiece translates real time

Smartwatches to control the hotel room

Smartwatches are the ideal notification and communication tool for road warriors. The flick of a wrist allows travelers board a plane, make a payment and even unlock the hotel room. Precisely, hotels have the potential to take great advantage of smartwatches. In a similar way as the Apple Watch can connect to gym equipment and sync health data, a smartwatch could connect to the hotel room of the future and allow guests control temperature, TV, music or lights from their own devices.

Recovery sleepwear

It may just be a clever marketing stunt, but the idea sounds neat. Ever thought of wearing a pair of smart pajamas to help you recover after a workout or a long flight? Embedded in the inside of the shirt and trousers, there is an hexagonal TB12 bioceramic infrared pattern that absorbs infrared wavelengths and reduces inflammation while you sleep.

Fitness trackers to improve traveler’s health

Fitness trackers are the most popular wearable devices. The newest generation of trackers goes beyond counting steps and can be very valuable devices to help travelers keep their personal health at front. These devices can monitor heart rate, track sleep patters and eventually, constantly measure our vitals. Should you dehydrate during a flight, your smart band could alert you before symptoms occur.

Eventually, these gadgets and many others to arrive will enrich the travel experience and become essential for business travelers. As we check in at the hotel, we’ll be racking our brains thinking how inconvenient was to live in a world where smartwatches did not open rooms.