Top tips to help you prepare for your business trip

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Summer holidays are over. It’s time to return to work and resume our daily routine. Not fun. I hear you. For some of us, routine means we must prepare for a business trip. Are you ready?

Don’t leave everything for the last minute. Business trips are hectic enough without the additional task of solving any unexpected situations that may arise while we are on the road. Proper preparation before departure will make your business trip more productive. We’ve prepared a list the essential things you need to know when you prepare for a business trip.

Read your company’s travel policy

It goes without saying, knowing your company’s rules is essential to plan a business trip. Make sure you use the recommended booking tips and tools, insurance coverage and spend limits to prevent unapproved expenses.

Book your accommodation early

The most popular cities for business have occupancy rates over the 70% mark. Therefore, it’s likely your favorite hotel will be fully booked weeks in advance. Consider booking your hotel as soon as your trip is confirmed. On average, business travelers are booking their stay 17 days in advance. So why not to log into Hotelzon now and give it a try?

Prepare a schedule

Agendas are usually packed during a business trip. A well thought out itinerary and schedule will help you be more productive on the road. However, your schedule should be flexible enough to allow time for the unexpected.

Pack only what you need

Always take carry-on luggage only. Don’t waste time at the baggage counter. Question every liquid that might not get through airport security and choose clothes that mix and match to extend your travel wardrobe.

Be travel ready

If you’re a frequent traveler, speed up your packing by having a set of travel-sized toiletries always ready to go.

Bring business cards

In a digitized society, business cards are a resilient analogue item.

Don’t run out of juice

Stay connected at all times. Don’t forget all the essential cords and adapters to plug all your electronic devices, but also don’t forget your HDMI or similar adapters to connect to your presentation device.

Check your newsfeed

Travel like a local. If you’re visiting a new city, turn to social media to find tips on restaurants, places to visit and off-the-clock activities. Make the most of your free time and transform your trip into a bleisure experience.

Use event hashtags

Are you attending a conference or an event? Find out the event hashtag and start networking online before you travel.

Stay cyber-safe

Before you leave the office, make sure your devices are encrypted. Back up your data before you leave.

Set up your personal hotspot

The elimination of the roaming charges in the EU makes us less dependable of public wifi networks. Use your phone connection as a personal hotspot, instead.

Download your favorite episodes and podcasts

Long flight? Download some entertainment and keep up with your favorite show.