Winter’s coming: Business travel all wrapped up

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Winter’s coming. Merciless. Daunting. And yet, business travel in winter does not stop.

Winter is coming, we know what’s coming with it. We can learn to live with the willings or we can add them to the the army of the dead.” - Jon Snow.

Picture this. It’s mid-February and your boss has just told you to travel to Stockholm and meet a client. The city is covered with a thick layer of fresh, fluffy snow. The air is frozen and the mercury indicates sub-zero temperatures. Way below zero. Minus 25 degrees. People walk fast, in thick coats, hats and scarves, defying the crisp cold air: life goes on. And, business meetings are kept.

When it’s cold outside, most of us long for a cozy evening on the couch with Netflix, a cup of tea, snuggling up to their love ones under a soft blanket. Traveling and sightseeing is far from our favorite winter activity. Still, business travelers must pack up and go. Rain or shine. The question is how do you beat winter blues when you travel for business?

How to survive winter as a business traveler

As fun and exciting as it can be, business travel is sometimes inconvenient. Come winter, it can be miserable. Arriving to a lonely hotel room all soaked up and frozen to the bones is not fun.

Business travel in winter requires a little extra preparation and careful planning and often, a pair of long johns in the suitcase! We’ve prepared a few tips to make the most of a business trip in winter.

  • Avoid the last flight home. Weather conditions may cause delays and cancellations, wrecking your travel plans. Book the second to last flight to decrease the risk of getting snowed in.
  • Dining options. Choose a hotel with a good restaurant, or at the very least in a central location, with plenty of options just around the corner. If it rains cats and dogs, chances are you won’t want to walk much to find some food.
  • Clothes and packing. Carry-on only is the number one rule for business travelers, so stick to it,  even if you need extra pieces of clothing in winter. Consider a thick coat, so you don’t need many layers of clothes underneath it.
  • Make your hotel room feel like home. When it’s too cold for sightseeing or any outdoor activity after work, you’re likely to spend many hours at the hotel. What about binge watching your favorite show? Follow this and other tips to make your room feel like home.
  • Hotel entertainment. Pay extra attention to the list of amenities when you book your stay. Hit the hotel gym to keep up with your workout schedule without having to go any further. Many hotel gyms include a sauna, which is the best way to stay warm in winter. Just ask any Finn.
  • Bond over cocktails in the lobby bar. You’re not alone. The lack of desire to go out can stimulate bonding together with a colleague or client over a cocktail in the lobby bar, or after a business dinner.

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If you can’t beat it… embrace it

Ok, a business trip in winter might not be a fun. But at the end of the day, it’s just cold weather. .

  • Christmas markets - Many European cities have wonderful Christmas markets. Go check them here.
  • Winter sports - What about adding some vacation days to your trip and spend some time at a ski resort. Bleisure in wintertime is also possible.
  • Cheaper rates - Hotels are more likely to offer cheaper rates, making easier to stay an extra day without derailing your company’s travel budget.

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