The cool stuff we did in 2017

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What an incredible year 2017 was. Our customers traveled all around the world, to almost every continent, and to meeting rooms and destinations big and small.

While they traveled, we were constantly developing our corporate hotel booking tool. We added features, squashed bugs and implemented improvements, so Hotelzon can continue to be a leading tool.

A brand new mobile app

One in four hotel bookings are done with a mobile device. It’s easy to understand why. It’s just so convenient!

Earlier in the year we launched a newly designed mobile app. It’s beautiful. You can make a quick booking on the move. Or, simply open the app to find the address and map of your hotel’s location.

We hope you like it as much as we do.

Bookings in 60 seconds. For real.

Using Hotelzon is really simple. So simple, we created a video to show how easy it is to book with Hotelzon in under 60 seconds.

New hotel search: the hotel you’re looking for. Faster.

We completely rebuilt our hotel search engine. From scratch. We implemented a new architecture using modern technologies making it more efficient, robust and easy-to-use. This brings relevant results faster, so travelers can quickly locate a hotel near a point of interest or destination.

Other improvements include map auto-refresh control and search radius visualization.

New Hotel Search

Filter out prepayment rates

Not ready to pay yet? Sometimes havin the flexibility of not making an immediate payment is just what you need. With your new prepayment filter simply tick the box and Hotelzon will hide all prepayment rates from the search results list.

Stay in sync

Hotelzon syncs your preferences across all your devices to create a seamless booking experience. Book on your desktop, double check your hotel’s address on the mobile app – it’s all stored safely and securely in the cloud.

Your corporate location on the map

Would you like to stay next to a corporate office or near customer premises? Hotelzon helps you choose the most suitable hotel showing your corporate locations on the map.

Set corporate locations

Accurate reports in 154 currencies

You can generate hotel spend reports in the currency you need. For more accurate reporting, you can use a monthly average exchange rate. We have also increased the number of daily updated currency exchange rates from 32 to 154.

How to create an effective travel policy

Every company needs a travel policy. So, we created a quick checklist perfect for defining a policy that works. Here’s ours. Read it and share it.

Advanced payment methods

One day we asked ourselves: isn’t it silly that we can pay for a latte with a mobile phone, but settling the hotel bill seems such a complicated process? Personal credit cards, invoices and reimbursements… that’s so old fashioned.

We set to implement an easier solution. And, we did. We’ve simplified the hotel payment flow with a fully automated end-to-end process. Companies pay all their hotel stays in just one single invoice a month, and travelers enjoy faster checkouts.

Take a look at this very cool video we did to explain how the Hotelzon invoice and payment consolidation solutions work.

Even more hotels

You thought 300,000 hotels worldwide were plenty of choice? What about over 400,000? That’s the current number of hotels you’ll find in Hotelzon.


2018 will bring with it even more developments and updates – so watch this space!!!!!