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Top corporate travel industry stories of 2017

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In 2017, the corporate travel industry continued to evolve at an incredible speed – much faster than ever before. Driven by technology, and in particular the ubiquity of mobile devices, the world of business travel has grown increasingly complex.

The most popular articles and white papers in the Hotelzon blog reflect this era of transformation. During the last 12 months, we looked at the top travel trends and the cutting-edge tech that is shaping the future of corporate travel.

Without further ado, here are the most popular Hotelzon blog stories of 2017.

Travel satisfaction to drive savings

Corporate travel is seeing a shift in priorities. Savings continues to be the main driver of a managed program, but travel satisfaction is becoming equally important. Our white paper Balancing travel satisfaction with policy compliance deep dives into how enhancing the business travel experience, with personalization and technology, can lead to higher compliance rates and happy travelers.

  • White paper: Balancing travel satisfaction with policy compliance [Download]

Can travel contribute to keeping your staff happy?

Business travel can be physically and mentally draining to the point some employees might walk away. But what if travel can turn into a major job perk? Work retreats and bleisure help both attracting talent and keeping staff at the job.

Defining a corporate travel policy

Any company must document its corporate travel policy. It established framework of how a company travels. We created a quick guide to cover the main points to define a successful.

Blockchain to disrupt the travel industry

The white paper we released about blockchain in the travel industry was one of our top stories. Even skeptics agree blockchain technology has the potential of breaking the rules of how goods and services are exchanged on the internet. The travel industry cannot remain indifferent to the effects of this disrupting technology as blockchain is likely to change the way we travel.

  • White paper: Blockchain in the travel industry [Download]

Modern day digital traveler

Blockchain technology is just a step forward from the concept of modern day digital traveler. The massive Global Traveler Survey, conducted by Travelport, revealed travelers “are becoming increasingly digitally dependent when it comes to planning, booking and experiencing travel and that emerging technologies that will play an increasingly important role in future travel, such as voice search”.

Mobile travel trends

Augmented reality in travel

When we talk about a digital traveler, we can’t ignore the impact of mobile technology. Travelport’s Mobile Travel Trends report gathered insights from thought-leaders, travel professionals and end-travelers across the global to find out what trends will dominate the mobile travel landscape in 2018,

Travel risk management in an age of fear

Technology paints an exciting future for the travel industry. However, this future is not without concerns. Political uncertainty in Spain, post-Brexit UK, terror attacks and extraordinary security measures such as travel bands create a near constant state of anxiety. This is impacting business travel and companies must optimize their travel risk management plans.

  • Read: Travel risk management in an age of fear 

The rise of the remote worker

Many professionals consider remote working a fabulous job perk. People who work remotely consider themselves happier, and feel more valued and productive.