Unique running trails for business travelers in Europe

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Business travel should not derail our workout habits but it often does. Between packed agendas, transportation and fatigue, there are few opportunities to keep up with our fitness routine. The solution? Running. It is the perfect travel workout because it requires minimal workout gear and it can be practiced in most places.

For time-crunched business travelers, running has some side benefits in addition to burning calories. Jogging before or after work will allow travelers to go sightseeing and experience the city they’re visiting in a quick way.

Here are some European cities where business travelers can find unique running trails.


The German capital is a fabulous city from a runner’s perspective because of its wide streets, and wonderful parks like Tiergarten and Volkspark. Plus, nature is just a short bus ride away. Outside the city, you can run beautiful lakeside paths in Grunewald Forest. Berlin also offers unique spots to run. Have you ever run in an airfield? The old Tempelhof airport is today a public park where you can run without the hassles of the city traffic. The airfield has an outer perimeter of 6 km and two 2 km runways, making it easy to run a full 10k without using the same path twice.


Running through the ancient streets of Rome is a treat. A challenging treat, though. Rome is a busy, congested city and pollution makes the air quality poor. Fortunately, some great runs, which avoid traffic, are near where most visitors stay. Along the Tiber River there is a 10 km bike path that goes from near Olympic Stadium to Ponte Guglielmo Marconi. The trail runs through some important monuments and sites, but below the main roads. For a one-of-a-kind run, Via Appia Antica, one of the earliest roads of the Roman Republic, takes you through more than 2,000 years of history. Here, runners pass the remains of Circo de Massenzio, an enormous stadium that once held chariot races, follow by the tomb of Cecilia Metella, a mausoleum built during the 1st century BC.

Business traveler running in Rome


Barcelona is booming as a business city and the increasing number of business travelers will find unique opportunities for a run. Tall mountains flank the city, which provides runners with a challenging uphill trail. The tallest peak, Tibidabo is around 515 meters and reaching its top will reward you with some stunning views. Fancy something easier? Run towards the sea and pick up a paved running and biking path along the beach. The reward this time can be a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean Sea.


Copenhagen is a fantastic walking city. There are beautiful parks, lakes and historic buildings. Oh, and a mermaid, of course. Nothing is too far. Walking paths double as running routes as locals are avid runners. All day long you can spot groups and solo runners doing their morning jog along Copenhagen’s Inner Lakes, a string of large reservoirs cutting through the city. Along the water’s edge, a jogging track runs for 6.35 km around the three lakes. For a scenic route, you can begin in Nyhavn and run the historic waterfront towards Kastellet, a start shaped fortress. You can even run all the way to the top of it. Run there and back to Nyhavn to log a bit over 6 km.


First-time visitors to Lisbon will remember the city’s maze of tiny, cobblestone streets and the famous hills. Beautiful, but many people may think it twice before testing the strength of their knees and ankles. Nevertheless, there are easier running options that will still offer picturesque views. Running from Miradouro do Parque Eduardo VII down Lisbon’s main avenue to the river will take you down on a 7.5 km loop slightly up on the way back, whilst offering stunning views over the river. Alternatively, enter Monsanto Forest Park for a a nice respite from the city life. With almost 1,000 hectares, you’ll have plenty of trails and roads if you’re in the mood for trees.