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How to add your loyalty and credit cards

Pre-fill your loyalty and credit cards for faster bookings, so you don't have to enter the same information every time. Don't worry, we store all the data following the highest security standards.

When you make a booking through Hotelzon be sure to provide your loyalty club numbers. We’ll pass this on to the hotel so they can allocate and record any points or rewards you may be owed. Complete your loyalty details under your profile, and we’ll automatically provide these for your future relevant booking, saving you time and hassle.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Log into your Hotelzon account.

2. Within the Profiles option, select User Info.

3. Select the Credit/Loyalty Cards tab.

4. Click Add and fill in the card information.

Tip: You can also access your profile information by clicking on your username in the top right corner of the screen.