How to create custom reports

Robust booking data can help you maximize savings. Discover how to customize and automate a wide range of reports with all the insights you need.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Start by choosing the type of report you want to create. There are six different templates to get you started.

  • Who. Where. When. – Get an overview of who travelled where and when.
  • Booking Volume – The amount of bookings during a certain period of time.
  • Booking Value – Review your hotel spend.
  • Exceptions Policy – See the reasons for travel policy exceptions within your bookings.
  • Benchmark – Compare your hotel costs to Hotelzon average rates in a given city.
  • Room nights per hotel – The number of your bookings per hotel per night.

2. Adjust settings to customize your report.
You can modify the scope of the report, bookings dates and different filters.

3. Save.
The report is saved with the set values for later use by simply clicking the “Save report” button.

4. Subscribe.
If you want to schedule the report to be delivered to a specific email address, tick the “Subscribe” box before clicking Save Report. You can add multiple email addresses as receivers.