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How to create new users

Users belong to different user groups, limiting what they are able to do in Hotelzon. As a travel manager, you can assign users to any of these groups and define levels of permission, as required.

Roles and permissions

In Hotelzon there are four different roles a user can have, each with their own level of permissions.

  • Corporate Travel Managers - Can view and modify all settings, add users, view reports and make bookings on behalf of any other user. Travel manager can also delete user profiles within their company whenever needed.
  • Corporate Multi Bookers - Can view and modify any booking, and also make new reservations for anyone.
  • Corporate Bookers - Can view and modify any booking this person has made. Can make new reservations for anyone.
  • Travellers - Can view and modify any of their own bookings, and make new reservations for themselves.

Add new users

Travel managers are able to create new users and send them login details.

1. Select the "User Info" option in the "Profile" menu option. You will see a list of all the users within the company.

2. Click "Add New User" to create a new user profile.

3. Fill out the user information. Email and Name are mandatory fields but it is also recommended to fill out Phone and User Group. The default User Group is Traveler.

4. Next you can choose a username and password. However, this is not mandatory. If you don't write username and password, the newly created users will receive an email with their username and a one-time link to create their password.

5. Click "Save".

Note: Users can change and reset their password anytime