How to define an exception policy

In your company, some travelers might be allowed to book outside policy. Define privileged users and set the reasons for travel policy exception.

Approvals and privileged users

Choose the "Travel Policy" option within the "Company" menu and select options to define approvals and privileged options.

  • Reservation approval – Choose what reservations need an approval before they are confirmed. For example, you can choose to require an approval if the reservation is not within travel policy.
  • Privileged users – Add a list of users who do not need to provide an exception code when booking outside of travel policy.

Exception policy

You may decide that an explanation is needed if your travel policy isn't followed. The explanations are defined in the Exception codes-section covered below.

  • No control – No explanation is needed by the travelers.
  • Optional – Traveler may give an explanation.
  • Mandatory exception code – The traveler must give an explanation.

Exception codes

By clicking the blue plus sign you can select what exception codes are available to travelers and bookers when they break travel policy

  • No control – No preferred hotels exists in the destination.
  • Optional – No preferred hotels are available in the destination.
  • Mandatory exception code – No preferred hotels within reasonable distance.