Search hotels like a pro with Hotelzon

Search in Hotelzon is a powerful feature. You can enter different search criteria to find hotels where you want to stay. For example, you can set the radius to limit how far you want to stay from a specific location.


Enter your destination

Start typing in the search field and you’ll see a list of suggested street names, points of interest and your corporate locations. Select one of those suggestions to narrow down your search results.

Let’s search anyway!

Your exact destination is not on the list of suggestions? Don’t worry, just search it anyway and Hotelzon will show all the hotels nearby. Find hotels close to your new client’s office or the conference you’re attending.

Search a specific hotel chain

To find a specific hotel or name click Extended search to get more search options. Now enter part of the chain or hotel name in Hotel/Hotel-chain field to search for hotels with that word in the name.

Hotels on map

Use the ‘Hotels On Map’ option to visualize where hotels are. Click and drag the map around to explore the local area, and click the refresh button to update the search results for you’re the area you are looking at.

Extended search

Add advanced criteria for more accurate results. Whether you want to stay in your preferred hotel chain or define a minimum hotel rating, the extended search option will help you to quickly find the exact hotel you’re looking for.


How far from your destination do you want to stay? Specify the radius and you’ll only see the hotels within the given maximum distance.

Can’t find the hotel you’re looking for?

On Hotelzon you will find all the hotels you need. In the rare event you can’t find the hotel you’re looking for, the reason may be one of the following:

  • Your company doesn't allow booking this hotel, check with your travel manager.
  • Your company allows other hotels only, check with your travel manager.
  • Your search criteria are too strict. Try searching with less filters.
  • The hotel may be available when clicking "Show more hotels" at the bottom of the result list.