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How to set price limits and rate preferences

Rate preferences allow you to limit how much hotels may cost in certain cities or countries, ensuring your travelers stay on budget.

These settings will define how hotel search results are presented to your travelers and bookers.

Step by step instructions

1. Within travel policy, choose Rate Policy.

2. Click the Add button on the Rate Preferences screen to add a new rate preference.

3. Define the different rate preferences:

  • Country/City - If this rate preference is applicable only in a certain country or city it can be set here. A separate rate preference needs to be setup for each location.
  • Chain/Hotel - You can add one or several hotel chains or hotels to the rate preference. Select the applicable hotel chain or hotel and click Add to list. A rate preference can apply to several hotels or hotel chains.
  • Rate filter - This allows you to specify how your corporate rates should be displayed, e.g. if they should be displayed before public rates even if they are more expensive.
  • Day price range - Allows you to set a minimum or maximum price per night.
  • Total price range - Allows you to set a minimum or maximum price for the whole stay.