Bookings in 60 seconds

Making a hotel reservation with Hotelzon is so simple, you can do it from any device in less than 60 seconds.

Hotelzon has been designed with you, the traveler in mind. Our system securely stores your most used information such as email, telephone number, payment method and company cost centers. Simply choose the hotel that suits you best and make your booking in less than 60 seconds. This short video shows you just how simple it is!

Need a bit more help? Request a demo and a member of our team will work your through our booking platform.


Log in to the booking tool at the top right corner of this page


Start your hotel search using specific destinations. When you begin typing the destination, you will see suggestions for corporate locations, cities, addresses and airports, based on the characters you type.


Book a room – Your details are already stored so you can make a reservation in a couple of clicks. You’ll receive your booking confirmation via email, text message or synchronize your bookings with your calendar.