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Choosing your business hotel – What to look for

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Hotel is the most personal choice in travel. Get it right and you will feel like home. Make the wrong choice and your travel experience will be anything from uncomfortable to disastrous. More importantly, the hotel you stay in can affect the efficiency of your trip with long commutes or the addition of unnecessary stress in the morning. To ease your decision-making process, we’ve listed a few things to consider when choosing your business hotel.

Location – Look at the map

Many business bookings are made based on price, but location matters the most when you want to have a productive stay. Else, you might spend much idle time on taxi rides and commuting. If you want a shorter commute in the morning, search hotels that are near the exact location you are working. Use the map option to better visualize where the hotels are located.


Transportation – Don’t be stuck in traffic

Make sure your hotel is easy to reach from the airport, conference center or any other location you’re visiting. Note if there are any train stations or bus stops nearby or whether taxis are usually available at the entrance. Get an estimate on traffic to avoid any surprisingly long commutes.

Dining options – Have a choice

Your business trip is likely to have a packed agenda and by the time you arrive to the hotel, you might be too exhausted to make any other efforts. When choosing your business hotel, don’t ignore the food offerings at the hotel and in the surrounding areas. Are you meeting any clients? It might be a good idea to have quality restaurants and bars nearby in case you suddenly need to arrange a business meeting.

High-speed internet connection – Demand one

In this day and age, a reliable and free high-speed wireless internet connection is taken as a given, but the frustrating reality is that many hotels are lacking. Considering the premium price of many business hotels, don’t settle with a painfully slow connection.


Business center – You never know when you need it

Yes, we know. You’ve never used one, right?  We often underestimate the importance of a working space at the hotel. However, what if your computer chooses to have an unexpected meltdown during your trip. Or if you need to print documents for next day’s meeting. You’ll appreciate a basic business center in those occasions.

Travel policy – It can make your decision easier

If your company has a travel policy in place, stick to it. It is likely your company has already selected a few good hotels for you, and you’ll be booking in-policy rates. Plus, preferred booking channels like Hotelzon can easily help you find the hotels closer to your company locations. Choosing your business hotel will be simple and you’ll keep your travel manager happy.

Reviews – Ask your colleagues

Do you still have any doubts? Word of mouth might still be the easiest way to find the right hotel. Ask your colleagues how clean the rooms are or whether the Wi-Fi actually works.